On Island Art


On Island Art is a not for profit 501 (c) 3 artistic, educational workshop providing opportunities for Avalon’s, artistically-inclined youth, to share in the rewarding experience of creativity and visual art.

There are three  divisions: A gallery boutique, “Make It & Take It”,  and art lessons & workshops.

1) The gallery boutique showcases my collection of Catalina inspired imagery and the arts and crafts of other resident island artists. Proceeds from the sale of these goods assist in the funding of workshops, lessons and art supplies for those island residents with limited resources and income.  GO TO GALLERY

2) "Make It & Take It" , is an “on-the-spot “artistic experience for island guests and visitors to create their own personal work of art, providing a rewarding experience and memory to take home with them. Proceeds from the sales of this program assist in the same funding as above. GO TO MAKE IT & TAKE IT

3) Art lessons & workshops will be provided for Avalon’s local youth, with an interest in art to receive classical education in drawing and painting. There is no other art education available to the public other then a high school art elective. Those students who wish to participate, yet lack the resources to afford art necessary tools and art supplies, will be sponsored by the above funding. GO TO LESSONS


Welcome to On Island Art