Make It & Take It

Make It & Take It is an “on-the-spot” artistic program that provides a fun, creative environment for anyone

to create their own personal work of art.  Engage in a hands-on, experience with friendly, resident artists, who will be on hand to guide you with your art, and assist in creating a rewarding experience on Catalina Island.


“I can’t believe how much fun we had doing this. What a special treat”

Lisa Evens, Santa Monica, CA

“Hanging out with Kelly on a summer afternoon was a blast! And, I learned a lot of cool art stuff too”

Monique Hernandez, Seattle, WA

“After a hot afternoon on the

beach, painting and relaxing

in the beautiful courtyard

was perfect. Will definitely

do it again on our next trip!”

David McAllester, San Diego, CA

“Kelly’s entertaining and fun teaching style made me join in and we, (my son & daughter) had a blast painting rocks we will treasure forever.”

John Steinberg, Fullerton, CA

“If you enjoy art and creativity, this is a MUST DO on your visit to Catalina Island”

Doris Montgomery, Orlando, FL

“At the last minute I needed a birthday party for my 9 year old daughter.  Kelly

custom created an incredible event at such an affordable rate...I was blown away and we had the most amazing time ever!

Stacey Rheinhold-Ross, San Francisco, CA



“She can draw really cool animals too!”

Johnny Jr. Steinberg, Fullerton, CA